Frequently Asked Questions.

Will my child have home-work?
Yes depending on the age of the child they are encouraged to complete work at home. The most important is the regular sharing of a reading book with you. Each child is given a homework diary at the beginning of each year which will help them organise their work.
What form of disciplinary measure is applicable at Alimos Covenant School?
We believe in enforcing discipline at Alimos Covenant School and we do not spare the rod to spoil the child. However, at Alimos Covenant School , our policy is to enforce discipline but out of love with the sole intention to correct wrong acts. We use the appropriate method for the situation at hand and sometimes the parents also need to be involved for quick correction
Do children go on any visits
Yes, the children have the chance to take part in many visits. In the past these have included NIHORT, FRESH FM 105.9, Ibadan to mention but a few.
Does the school allow private lesson organized by members of staff on one-to-one basis?
We believe thatthe School’s organized lessons are sufficient for all our pupils and students. However, experience has shown that some parents work late and will like to positively engage their children while waiting for them to be picked up from school. Our policy is to tolerate private lessons between the Teachers and the parents however this required the approval of school authority to proceed.
Will my children be prevented from attending class if I am not able to pay school fees at the beginning of the term?
We encourage all our parents and guardians to pay their children school fees before the resumption of school. However,the school gives about a month grace after which the children may be prevented from attending classes.
Can I be allowed not to pay for the End-of-Year party if my child will not attend the party due to one reason or the other?
End-of-Year party is compulsory and there is no exception

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