Primary School Curriculum

Our aim is to provide a rich and well balanced curriculum, which develops the whole child. Teachers ensure that each year group follow a programme which has continuity and progression in line with the NATIONAL Curriculum OUTLINE.

There are three key stages in school:

Nursery, P1 and P2 are Foundation Stage

P3 is the Key Stage One

P4 and P5, are Key Stage Two

Play is fundamental to learning in Foundation Stage, and progresses into Activity Based Learning in Key Stage One. We noted the, ‘very good quality of provision for activity based learning which effectively develops the children’s skills across the curriculum.’

Each key stage has an age appropriate curriculum in these areas of learning:

  • Language and Literacy (including Talking and Listening, Reading and Writing)
  • Mathematics and Numeracy (focusing on the ability to use number and developing mathematical concepts)
  • The Arts (including Art and Design, Drama and Music)
  • The World Around Us (focusing on the skills and knowledge in Geography, History and Science)
  • Physical Development and Movement including Athletics, Dance, Games
  • Religious Education – religious beliefs, practices and values.
  • Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (including social skills, understanding and regulating emotions, learning to learn, understanding in the local and global community)